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1. Ice hockey is played with 6 players on each team.
2. Ice hockey players are required to wear protective equipment, including a face mask or visor for players under 20 years old.
3. At the beginning of a match, each team plays with three forwards, two defensemen and a goalkeeper. They stand in their predetermined places until the referee drops the puck.
4. The dimensions of the ice surface are usually 90 feet by 200 feet.
5. The game starts when the puck is dropped between two forwards in the center of the ice.
6. The game allows opposing players to body check each other.
7. The sticks that the players carry cannot be used to injure opposing players, and cannot be raised above the shoulders.
8. A typical game is regulated by one referee and two linesmen.
9. A referee watches for offensive behavior, and gives two or four minute penalties for, among others; tripping with the stick, holding, slashing (hitting the opposing player with the stick) or boarding. Four minute penalties are more common if bleeding occurs.
10. A hockey game is one hour long. It's split between three twenty minute periods with a break of 10 minutes between each period.
11. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time (60 minutes), then there is an extra overtime period of ten minutes with shoot outs following if there is still no lead.